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"The perfect novelty gift for the snarky friend in your life, the foam Brick line is sure to be a “hit!” Stressed? Had a rough day? Give it a squeeze, then hurl at what's annoying you! It's harmless, but definitely gets the point across!" "These items are inexpensive to produce, not the least of which is because of their extreme lightweight, which saves incredibly on shipping costs. They have a broad range of appeal, due to the immense versatility in what can be printed on them. The Dick Brick™, of course, has a ring to it, but everything from sporting teams to family names could be imaged upon them, ready to hurl! Their soft construction makes them safe for folks of all ages, and a perfect stocking stuffer for the joker in your family!" 


Buy 2 for 14.99 and recieve a FREE Asshole Parking Ticket Booklet!

The Bully Brick

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