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Our Products Are Made With EXTRA Love!

These products are made by hand with a lot of love and good vibes.

The same Goldy Locks that's been rockin' out there in your hometown, and on your TV for years on some of your favorite shows.

The original TNA Impact Wrestling Knockout

has always loved creating and using her hands. Just remember, these hands have rung of the greatest wrestlers necks!


The factory started out years ago when I was a child making obnoxious amounts of things that were spread all around different relatives floors tables and counters. I was obsessed with creating fun little gimmicks and gadgets that would make people smile.


I was sent home as a young child and my parents were called into the office shortly thereafter word. It appeared as though school officials were concerned that there was abuse going on at the house. The reason was my thighs and legs were scarred and bleeding all of the time and no one could understand why.


After digging deeper the culprit, "I" was unveiled! You see a lot of the clothes that I wore to school I made myself but I didn't know how to sew! So I would staple the poorly made inseams and the staples would open and rip my skin. It wasn't long after that my mom and I walk down to Montgomery Ward's and purchased my first sewing machine. But it was actually my father, a leather craftsman himself and longtime Tailor, who would teach me how to sew on many mediums including his favorite, leather.

One late night around 3 a.m., in a recording studio in


Chanhassen Minnesota


right off Audubon Road, a very prominent man creating the Minneapolis music scene, said to me, "wow, you've got yourself a regular little "Factory" here don't you?" I heard the Twilight Zone theme song in my head and a "bling" sound as a glimmer shot from my eye.


The factory was born on that very date. And I would start to create leather wristbands starring images that were personal and made people smile. The entire brand is built on positivity and happiness. If you don't smile when you look at our designs, snicker or laugh, then we are not doing our jobs.


My late mother,

God rest her soul, had a terminal illness her whole life. I watched her completely ignore it and live a full life of laughter and happiness regardless of any pain or discomfort she was going through. I know it was a lot, but when you're constantly laughing it seems as though you place yourself in your own realm. It's almost as though you ever protective shield around you or you live in a bubble. Or as my father calls it, "LA La Land." Lol.


We all have moments protected in our own Lala lands. Life can be tough. Sometimes things aren't as happy as we'd like them to be. That's why you can always come to the factory and find something that will make your soul smile.


Completely silly, goofy, funny, and our products full of satire. Most of the goods you see on these pages were created completely out of personal experience. So you know that they are raw, organic, and authentic.


Many ideas came from a long time creating and designing of my own personal stage wear, as well as celebrities worldwide. I can't tell you how many


professional wrestlers, I've sewn and created

original pieces for.


Many because their signature pieces, that epically were immortalized on action figures! You REALLY know you've made it any time a PVC toy is involved! 

 If I could convey one message to you all it's to always be yourself. "YOU BE YOU." There will only be one you. You are beautiful and glorious and majestic and created in the image of God. Remember that. And for those of you who are a little too hardcore, just remember the man they call




He was basically a hippie with long hair who wore sandals. He hung out with 12 fishermen, who drank a lot of wine and probably had some colorful language LOL. He befriended the town's lady of the evening and tax collector, and always taught that those without sin, cast the first stone.


So my purpose and reminding you that is to


always be kind to everyone.


There will be all sorts of products on these pages from conservative to liberal to all different sorts of thinking. 


EveryONE and every BELIEF is welcome here.

Speaking of Jesus & being kind to everyone, that brings me to the early days of the Nashville State Fairgrounds, called non-other than the TNA NWA "Assilium." Many young hopefuls gathered weekly for their shot at stardom and fame.


One man, in particular, loved to talk about God, and Jesus in particular, and truly walked the walk of a Christian. He was humble even if his on TV character wasn't at times.


One of our greatest pro wrestlers on this time, wanted to order the very first "Jesus" cuff ever. And he still has it. 


Thanks, AJ Styles for walking the walk and always being so vocal about your love and beliefs. I'm glad that cuff has stood up all these years. Just like the guy on the cuff you're wearing.

Thank you for taking time to visit my Factory.

Everything is handmade and Custom just for you.

This website and page is dedicated to my family, which I would have nothing without. And in conjunction with the new home improvement show Goldy Knows. It will focus on empowering single moms, women and our Country's veterans.


The greatest veteran I've ever known, for her service and in your face attitude and strength is my Aunt Pat. If we all had her kind of valor, dedication and drive...

what a world we would have.

Peace, Goldy Locks


L❤️ve All Serve All.

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