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I love the Hispanic culture and faith. I always feel like so many others are doing a better job than I am at showing and celebrating how they feel. They so proudly love their Lady Of Guadalupe. The love they have for The Virgin Mary has always made me smile and filled my heart. This is one of my favorite cuffs to make and to wear.


Whatever your faith, belief or religion, the story of Mary is a unique one. What a journey she went through, how much patience she must have had, resilience and love for her son. I love making cuffs that continue to tell a story and a remarkable one at that.

Lady Of Guadalupe Cuff

  • All cuffs are custom made so please measure your wrist! At this time custom goods are non refundable so take your time looking over the sizes.


    If you need a custom cuff? Do you have “Popeye Arms?” Where the wrist is one size but then taper up larger? That’s a custom cuff! Email me!


    Medium cuff length is approx 8”

    Inside fits comfortably up to 6” 7/8 wrist or make smaller to 5” 7/8 wrist


    Large cuff length is approx 9” 7/8

    Inside fits comfortably up to 8” wrist or make smaller to 7” 7/8 wrist

  • Please choose carefully as items are made to order and not refundable at this time. Email us with any questions.

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