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This is one of the main staples of the website. Please visit for more info.

These shirts are meant to remind people visiting the "cancer" neighborhood, that they are only there temporarily. We surround them with positivity and a constant reassurance that they "CAN."


When I see this shirt it reminds me of something Mother Teresa said:

“I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”

Even she knew back then. Exude light, positivity and great energy.


Life is made up of energy. And giving credit to the Law of Attraction, The Secret, so many people who have figured this out before I have, we are like magnets, and we attract the energy we put out. That being said there are many t-shirts and propaganda that are very dark and negative in regards to cancer.


This is different approach focusing more on the person being CAPABLE and EQUIPPED. That they CAN, do something and ACHIEVE and ACCOMPLISH.


I just want anybody going through such a dark challenge to be armed with as much positivity and light as they possibly can be.


Whether this shirt is for you or for a friend going through chemo, radiation, or just dealing with it on their own, have them wear this shirt with confidence. Attract like light.


The shirt is dedicated to one of the greatest women I've ever known. My aunt Georgie, or as people called her little Doode. She had more class, as her sister puts it, in her little finger, than most people ever will have. She was everything to everyone, always the first to show up and help, clean, pack, get you ready to move, move it, paint, repair… She WAS and always will be the definition of "I CAN."


Here’s to you Aunt Dode. Even before she went to be with the Lord, she was cleaning her friend’s houses to help support when they were sick, but not as much as she was. I wish she would have had this shirt. Maybe it could have added a little extra support. To all of you going through this, you are not alone. Let this simple post know people everywhere are routing for YOU to make a full and strong recovery, to be better than new. XOXO


This is a flowy, soft chic, wide collar opening off the shoulder, stream line, LONG sleeve shirt. I normally wear a medium, but pictured, large, so I’d order UP a size.

I CAN (CER) Unisex Hoodie Charcoal

  • These T-Shirts are UNISEX. 

    They look great on everyone, but please keep in mind the sizes run "men's" sizing. I would normally wear a medium in women's, but in these I wear a small and that has some room. Please keep this in mind when ordering. All sales final at this time. 


    • 55% Cotton
    • 45% Polyester
    • Made In Pakistan

    Machine wash in cold, inside out and for best results, air-dry on a towel on a flat surface. You can dry in dryer on low, but for maximum results, baby your Hoodie's so they stay looking like new. 

  • Please choose carefully as items are not refundable at this time.

    Email us with any questions.

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