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I have all these Christian, Catholic and Jesus cuffs at our live shows! And our sound men are ALWAYS Jewish! Lol. So this was created for so many of my friends in the music industry and I would just give them to them.


I found this story online. May it prove to show us all how blessed and lucky we are to live in a time and place of freedom. So many take it for granted. Don’t.


During WWII, my mother, Rywa Green (nee Lewin) and her family were sheltered in a third floor attic of a building opposite Gestapo headquarters in Lille, France. As Jews, they were required to wear the yellow Star of David. However, they refused. The building was raided by the Gestapo and Jews living on the first two floors were taken to concentration camps. The Gestapo did not go to the third floor as they did not believe that any Jews lived there, as my mother's family had not identified themselves as Jewish by wearing stars. My mother often said that not wearing the star saved her life and that of her family. On June 8th, 1946, she married my father, Ted, who was a British soldier in the allied forces, in Lille. Soon after they moved to Birmingham, where they lived. My father died in 1983 and my mother in 2007. It was only in the last year of her life that she showed my sister and myself the star, which she had kept.

The Star Of David Cuff

  • All cuffs are custom made so please measure your wrist! At this time custom goods are non refundable so take your time looking over the sizes.


    If you need a custom cuff? Do you have “Popeye Arms?” Where the wrist is one size but then taper up larger? That’s a custom cuff! Email me!


    Medium cuff length is approx 8”

    Inside fits comfortably up to 6” 7/8 wrist or make smaller to 5” 7/8 wrist


    Large cuff length is approx 9” 7/8

    Inside fits comfortably up to 8” wrist or make smaller to 7” 7/8 wrist

  • Please choose carefully as items are made to order and not refundable at this time. Email us with any questions.

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